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Participating Cideries

Cideries around the country are celebrating National Cider Month. See who’s joining in on the fun.


ERIS Brewery and Cider House

Cidery Location: 4240 Irving Park Rd., Chicago IL 60641

ERIS was inspired by the Greek goddess known for causing mayhem. As the story goes, Eris threw the golden apple of discord into a party that she wasn’t invited to, creating chaos. As women cider makers in a male-dominated industry, we know what it’s like not to be invited to the party. We started ERIS as our way of throwing a golden apple into the Chicago scene.

Right Bee Cider

Right Bee Cider

Cidery Location: 1830 N Kostner Ave, Chicago, IL 60639

Boy meets girl. Boy makes cider to woo girl. Now he’s right beside her. Right Bee Cider. What started as a romantic gesture grew into Chicago’s first cidery, owned and operated by a local husband and wife team. Small business, small batches, and a ton of love sent your way with every sip!

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